Performance: ODE À L’OUBLI. ‘The place is Alive’ : a 30 days performance programme in Astrid Noacks Atelier (Copenhagen, Denmark). June 27th 2019.

Solo Exhibition: DÉRIVE. PVC / Projektrum Vera. (Copenhagen, Denmark). August 12th-18th 2019.

Solo Exhibition: THE NEST, THE SHELL AND THE HUT. Cobra Rummet ved Sophienholm (Lyngby, Denmark). August 26th - September 6th 2020.


Solo Exhibitions:

LE BLANC SEING. Eks-rummet (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2018

Group Exhibitions :

VANITAS DANMARK (publication). Pist Protta #78. 2016

EXTRACT V – YOUNG ART PRIZE - CPH2015. Kunstforeningen GL STRAND (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2015

EDGE 2015. Art Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2015

MATERIAL WITNESS. Graduationshow. Brandts 13 (Odense, Denmark). 2015

COMMON GROUND. FAA Project Space (Odense, Denmark). 2014

HISTORY HISTORY. FAA Project Space (Odense, Denmark). 2014

COMPOUND COMMUNITY. FAA Project Space (Odense, Denmark). 2013

SPRING13. Kunsthal Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark). 2013

KP12. Aarhus Kunstbygning (Aarhus, Denmark). 2012

VKU 11. Vestsjællands Kunstudstilling 2011. Received 1st price (Holbæk, Denmark). 2011

FOKUS. Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2011

SLASH, Paper Under the Knife. MAD: Museum of Arts and Design (New York City, USA). 2010

EXPOSURE. Icosahedron Gallery (New York City, USA). 2010

POP-UP. Fleetwing Gallery (New York City, USA). 2010

EXECUTION [,ɛksɪˈkjuːʃən]. Nude With a Goose (New York City, USA). 2009



2011 - 2015: Det Fynske Kunstakademi / The Funen Art Academy. (Odense, Denmark). 

2014: Harvard University. Visual Trajectories: Forces Shaping Landscape, and Popular Visual Imagery (Cambridge, USA).

2013: Assistant for MIRANDA JULY (Los Angeles, USA).

2010: Assistant for JESPER JUST. (New York City, USA).

2009: SVA - School of Visual Arts (New York City, USA).

2002 - 2005: IED. B.A. of Visual Arts (Barcelona, Spanien)


Grants & acknowledgements:

Statens Kunstfond / The Danish Public Endowment of The Arts. 2015 + 2018 + 2019

Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg / The Public Committee of Fine Arts of Copenhagen. 2015

Statens Værksteder for Kunst / The Danish Public Fine Arts Workshops. 2015

VKU Prisen / Western Sealand Art Prize. 2011